There are several yellow surface cleaners out there on the market. The two most popular ones being the Whisper Wash Classic (WW-2000) and the BE Whirl-A-Way. But there are many others readily available, too. Like the Viper series. Some contractors choose the Hammerhead by General Pump, just because it has a grey cover which makes your crew more unique.

Well, how about a blue surface cleaner? The Whisper Wash classic has a new cover available in a nice deep blue to make your company and crew stand out. Another great thing about the blue cover is the fact that a lot of Pressure Washing companies have blue in their logo, so it fits better into your branding, too!

It is the same great quality of the yellow heavy ABS plastic cover you are used to. It’s just a different paint job. Still made by Whisper Wash in Clearwater, Florida. Still only for the 19″ Classic Surface Cleaner. Still the same swivel, handle, pins, rivets, brushes, spray bar, etc.

If you are tired of the same-old, same-old look of your yellow cover, just grab a blue one. They are not limited time edition and we at Whisper Wash Online will stock these now regularly. In fact the first batch we had ordered for stock were gone the very first day!

Other Colors?

At this point you might wonder what about people who like neither blue or yellow. Well, we will soon have red whisper wash classic covers available, too.

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Along with the red covers, we will also start stocking Whisper Wash Classics with the blue cover pre-installed as well. That way you do not need to buy a regular classic and swap the cover out yourself, but instead get the whole blue deal all-in-one convenient box!

As usual they will require minor assembly, which simply is putting the handle with the pins onto the cover and connect the hose from the gun to the swivel.

Until then, don’t forget that we also have the Whisper Wash Classic Extreme (WW-3000) with an orange heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum cover. It also comes with pre-installed Whisper Wash Stainless Steel Spray Bar Sleeves which will protect your spray bar from debris dinging up the bar as you clean surfaces under high pressure.

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